Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Information about Ramps

Here is a little bit of info we thought you all may want to know about.
You may have noticed that all new construction gets sidewalks with ramps. Well, my mother just found out from someone the reason some old sidewalks have ramps and some don't, even when they are on the same street. Apparently it is the people who live near the old sidewalks with curbs that can pay to have ramps put in; otherwise these old sidewalks won't get ramps put in unless they are worked on by the road crews for other reasons: like maybe they are re-doing the road and/or have to tear it all up to work on pipes or something.
Please correct us if we are wrong about this information, and tell us if you know of other ways to get ramps put in on corners that don't have them, and/or maybe how to get sidewalks put in where there aren't any yet.
Thanks, and have a great day :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

6th Avenue - From So Puget Sound Ave to So Stevens St

There are paved sidewalks on both sides of this whole stretch.

There are ramps missing on both sides, but in each of those places there are driveways on the side streets to cross.

It's a bit bumpy, but otherwise fine.