Wednesday, October 28, 2009

94th Ave East - 117th St E to 137th St E

This whole section now has new pavement and sidewalks with ramps, and they are working on the section between 117th and 112th.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Information about Ramps

Here is a little bit of info we thought you all may want to know about.
You may have noticed that all new construction gets sidewalks with ramps. Well, my mother just found out from someone the reason some old sidewalks have ramps and some don't, even when they are on the same street. Apparently it is the people who live near the old sidewalks with curbs that can pay to have ramps put in; otherwise these old sidewalks won't get ramps put in unless they are worked on by the road crews for other reasons: like maybe they are re-doing the road and/or have to tear it all up to work on pipes or something.
Please correct us if we are wrong about this information, and tell us if you know of other ways to get ramps put in on corners that don't have them, and/or maybe how to get sidewalks put in where there aren't any yet.
Thanks, and have a great day :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

6th Avenue - From So Puget Sound Ave to So Stevens St

There are paved sidewalks on both sides of this whole stretch.

There are ramps missing on both sides, but in each of those places there are driveways on the side streets to cross.

It's a bit bumpy, but otherwise fine.

Monday, August 31, 2009

75th St W - From Custer Rd W to Bridgeport Way W

There are no paved sidewalks on this road

Orchard St W/Lakewood Dr W - So 56th St to 74th St W

Orchard St turns into Lakewood Dr when traveling South

Both sides have only a few paved sidewalks scattered here and there

The intersection at 56th and Orchard has ramps all around

So 74th St - From I-5 Bridge to Lakewood Dr W

Both sides are paved with ramps, but with a few tight squeezes in spots and maybe a few bumps here and there

There are Railroad tracks to go over on the West side of So Tacoma Way

So 72nd St - From Pacific Ave to I-5 Bridge

Both sides of So 72nd are paved with ramps all the way over the bridge

Friday, August 28, 2009

Portland Ave E - From E 64th St to Hwy 512

Travel either side from East 64th St to East 72nd St

From 72nd St E all the way to Highway 512 there are no sidewalks

Waller Rd E - From 64th St E to Brookdale Rd E

There are no sidewalks on Waller Rd for this whole stretch

So 38th St - From Pacific Ave to So Alaska St

Travel either side of 38th

There are ramps on every corner and intersection until you get past So Alaska St

After Alaska the sidewalk continues for only a short distance before it disappears, and then it doesn't look very safe to go across the bridge over the freeway

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Puget Sound Ave - From 6th Ave to So 15th St

Puget Sound is a side street with not many ramps between 6th and 12th, so probably should travel in the street

Sidewalk with ramps available from 12th to 15th St

6th Avenue - From So Puget Sound Ave to So Sprague Ave

SOUTH side of 6th Ave has ramps on this whole stretch

Just a couple of slightly bumpy spots

From So 15th St & So Union Ave to the Target/Top Foods shopping center

Travel SOUTH on Union Ave to 23rd

EAST side of Union is paved and has ramps

Cross at the light at 23rd to the SE corner and turn LEFT (East)

Enter RIGHT at the first big driveway/street

This area is well paved with ramps all over--real easy to get to all the stores

E 72nd St - From E McKinley Ave to Pacific Ave

Both sides of 72nd St. have just been worked on and now they have new sidewalks and ramps on this whole stretch.

There is one set of Rail Road tracks to go over at McKinley

There are ramps at each corner of both 72nd and McKinley and 72nd and Pacific

ALSO: At 72nd & Pacific there is a Fred Meyer that you can get to easily by traveling WEST from the SW corner of that intersection.

E McKinley Ave - From E 38th St to E 72nd St

Travel on either side of McKinley Ave.

There are ramps at each intersection

There are Rail Road tracks to go over on 72nd St if you travel WEST from 72nd and McKinley

Monday, August 17, 2009

So 19th St - From So Stevens St to So Orchard St

Travel WEST on the NORTH side of 19th all the way to Orchard (the south side has a missing ramp)

There are lights for crossing at the busy intersections going over the bridge

There are ramps at each corner of 19th and Orchard

ALSO: There are ramps on the EAST side of Orchard going SOUTH at least to the Tacoma Alliance Church

From So Union Ave and So 15th St to So 19th St and So Stevens St

If you are traveling on the West side of Union Ave you can get to the 19th and Stevens intersection (where there is a Fred Meyer) by traveling this way:

Go WEST on So 15th St (this is a side street, and people tend to park on the sidewalks, so travel in the street)

At the end of 15th is So Mason Ave. Turn LEFT (SOUTH)

Follow Mason all the way to Stevens (you will veer to the right)

Get on the sidewalk at Stevens and go LEFT to the 19th and Stevens intersection where there is a ramp on each corner.